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  1. Massey University- BE (Hons) in Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Duration: 4 Years | Level: Bachelors Program Course Description Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics and Computer Engineering will help to become an excellent electronic and computer engineer. It would help in multi-disciplinary, have excellent practical skills and be able to design, develop and manage both software and hardware projects Learn More
  2. Massey University- Bachelors in Veterinary Sciences
    Duration: 5 Years | Level: Bachelors Program Course Description The course aims the applicants to attend lectures, tutorials, practical classes and clinical sessions and undertake farm and veterinary practical work outside of university semester time Learn More
  3. Massey University- Bachelor in Aviation Management
    Duration: 3 Years | Level: Bachelors Program Course Description The Bachelor of Aviation Management is a dedicated aviation course which introduce one to the various aspects of the exciting aviation industry Learn More
  4. Massey University-Master of Information Sciences (Information Technology)
    Duration: 1.5 Years | Level: Masters Program Course Description The Program enable applicant learn how to apply problem-solving and analytical thinking skills to the analysis of, and solutions to, general software-based problems within the broader ICT community Provides skills in evaluating policies and processes used in the design, construction, testing and maintenance of advanced technological solutions in order to make informed strategic decisions Learn More
  5. Massey University- Masters in Aviation
    Duration: 1.5 Years | Level: Masters Program Course Description The Master of Aviation degree offers graduates the opportunity to gain such skills, along with a qualification that will significantly enhance career prospects in the internationally competitive aviation sector Learn More

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