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  1. charles darwin university
    • Charles Darwin University’s School of Business offers 3 years full time undergraduate degree program Bachelor of Commerce which is a vocationally orientated and student-centred course which provides them with the career and professional skills needed in a rapidly changing business environment.

    • The program allows for flexibility of study and prepares students for careers in a variety of business fields. This course meets the needs of various professional bodies and the community. Students have a wide choice of units based upon their personal and career interests.
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  2. charles_darwin_university
    • Charles Darwin University’s School of Creative Arts and Humanities offers 4 years full time undergraduate degree program Bachelor of Creative Arts and Industries (New Media Design)/Bachelor of Information Technology (BCNMIT) which combine the key attributes of information technology and new media design (web development), particularly those wishing to seek creative careers in the entertainment industries of games development, digital film, animation, sound design and web-based creative applications.

    • The course is also designed to attract mature-age students considering a change of career or who are interested in being creative and knowledgeable in the new media and technology industries.
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  3.  Engineering Honours
    • The Bachelor of Engineering Honours offers four specializations: Chemical engineering, Civil and structural engineering, Electrical and electronics engineering, and Mechanical engineering.

    • Students learn through practical project work, and are exposed to industry and business through guest lectures by practicing engineers, site visits and work experience.
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  4. Charles Darwin University
    • Charles Darwin University’s School of Health offers 3 years full time undergraduate degree program Bachelor of Health Science which provides students with the knowledge and skills required to work in areas of health promotion, community health development, Indigenous health, and health services management

    • The course has an emphasis on understanding the challenges of working in diverse contexts of urban, rural and remote communities

    • Have a range of flexible multi modal delivery options that include workshops, Learn line, face-to-face delivery and external
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  5.  Charles Darwin University
    • Charles Darwin University’s School of Engineering and Information Technology offers 3 years ful ltime undergraduate degree program Bachelor of Information Technology which helps the students in developing an understanding of the underlying principles and applications of information technology in the acquisition of professional knowledge and skills which will enable them to adapt to this interesting and dynamic field as professionals

    • The course recognises the importance that employers place on people skills and management processes, therefore students will also learn to be problem solvers, decision makers, good communicators and team players
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