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  1. Lincoln University - Bachelor of Agriculture
    • New Zealand is a world leader in agriculture, and for over 130 years Lincoln University has been training world-leading agricultural specialists.

    • Lincoln’s Bachelor of Agriculture uses real world examples and practical experiences to produce graduates who can immediately make a difference in jobs across all areas of agricultural production and related industries

    • There are no formal majors in the BAg, but instead the program is structured around courses in four key disciplines: plant science, animal science, soil science and farm management

    • A period of work experience is a required part of this degree
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  2. Lincoln University
    • Bachelor of Commerce has a specific focus on value chain

    • It offers specializations in supply chain management, marketing, food and resource economics, or accounting and finance

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  3. Lincoln University
    • Bachelor of Science program will undertake a range of core courses from which student can choose their own specialisation(Agritech; Biosecurity and Bio-protection; Conservation and Ecology; Food Science; Land, Water, Environment; or an individual major in your area of interest) .

    • Each major has its own set of required and optional courses.

    • Students will be introduced to critical thinking, the tools and techniques used in evidence-based decision making, plus maths, statistics and computing skills needed for university study.
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  4. Lincoln University
    • Students will be introduced to the characteristics and components of tourism

    • The commercial and economic context of tourism will be explored, as well as the policy framework within which the tourism industry operates

    • Students will be taught additional skills and knowledge in a range of specific topic areas of significant importance to the New Zealand and global tourism industry, in particular, recreation and tourism in protected natural areas, heritage interpretation and event management
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  5. Lincoln University

    Starting at: $1,953,000.00

    • Students get 40 hrs work permit per week along with studies.
    • Has a student population from more than 60 countries.
    • The work-study program is available for both Undergraduate and Master students.
    • Covers basic functional areas of business with stress on their inter-relationships.
    • Smaller class size.
    • Primary campus is situated on 50 hectares (123 acres) of land.
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