• Saginaw Valley State University is a public institution that was founded in 1963.
  • It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 8,797, its setting is suburban, and the campus size is 782 acres.
  • It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar.
  • Saginaw Valley State University's ranking in the 2016 edition of Best Colleges is Regional Universities (Midwest), Tier 2.
  • Offers the lowest tuition rate of Michigan's public universities.
  • Faculty to student ratio-1:19.
  • 71% of Freshman live on-campus.

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University Professor Information


John Abbott

He's an easy professor. Grade fairly. Class can be boring sometimes but in general he is good and I'd recommend him !

Amazing teacher! Very knowledgable in the business world, will teach you more than just school. I look up to this guy very much he was great!

Absolutely loved Abbott. He was very knowledgeable and very experienced. Had a lot of great examples and was really able to relate to the topics he was teaching which was nice. Take him if you can!!

Scott Julian

Great teacher, uses real life examples loved his personality, big on participation so be ready for that, exams get tougher as you move from exam 1 to 2 and so on, you'll learn a lot from his class. Quick on feedback and communicates well.

I loved his personality and use of real life examples. Plan to participate in both class and blackboard discussions. If you are an introvert this can be hard, but try to ask at least one comment/question per class. Expect a group project. Exams are hard, but if you elaborate on multiple choice this will help your grade. Overall, good experience.

Loved this class, loved Julian. He's hilarious (very sarcastic) and he's right to the point. There is a lot of material, though, and he expects you to really know it for the tests (they're hard). But overall, I'd take him again.

Phyllis Lietzke

She is so energetic! I had the class at 8:30 in the morning and she was definitely a morning person. Every test was open book and note and were extremely easy. I never studied and received an A-. Her assignments are very easy also. Overall I would recommend her to anyone!

Prof. Lietzke is energetic, easy to please, willing to work with students, and excited about her field. She is a little crazy sometimes, but that's why I was able to make myself wake up for an 8:30 Econ class. I HIGHLY recommend her if you need an Econ course.

She is awesome! The grandmother I never had! She is so sweet and almost too easy. She gives out prizes for good test grades. Just buy a book (all open book tests!), DO the paper (easy paper), DO the easy presentation, attend as many classes as you can, and you're sure to get an A :)


Andrea Frederick

Professor Frederick is my all time favorite! She is wonderfully kind and sincerely wants her students to succeed. She is passionate about pathophysiology and makes her classes fresh and interesting. Well organized too! Tests are challenging but very fair.

Professor Frederick is an absolutely, positively wonderful lady. She uses interesting stories to highlight her points and gives hints about possible test questions. Lecture is very interesting, and she really loves her students.

One word to describe Professor Frederick...AWESOME! She really cares about the students and wants every one to succeed. Frederick is the best addition to the nursing program in years. They need more teachers like her.

Rose Lange

Dr. Lange has a heart of gold. She is one of the sweetest professors I have ever had. Be sure to study your powerpoints and make an effort to pay attention in class.

Prof. Lange is wonderful. She is very helpful and respectful to students. Her exams are straight forward, know the information and how to apply it to the real-world and you will do fantastic. She is also really good about not just reading the slides. She shows movies and clips to make it all easier to understand. One of the best nursing Prof @ SVSU

She is one of the nursing professors that really cares about her students. She makes sure that you know what to study for on the exams, and she is always willing to answer any questions. She is an assest to SVSU's program!

Hiya Liu

Hiya is absolutely wonderful. She's the most helpful teacher at SVSU ever. She provides us a lot of NCLEX questions to practice in class. She also gives us examples that we may face in clinicals. She knows what we need and want. Hiya really prepares us for the board exam. Best teacher!!!

I don't know what you've been through, but Hiya is a wonderful professor to all of us. We all liked her class. I kinda know who you are and I believe you missed classes many times. You can't just left an untrue feedback here. I will let Hiya know that you left a unfair response here.

Provide clear guidelines with class expectations. Pay attention to her syllabus and exam prep guide. Very helpful during office hours and caring to students. Class activities are engaging and useful to accomplish class lessons.


Mindy Baumgartner

I absolutely adored Mrs. Baumgartner. She was so helpful and made the class really easy. Tests were straight off of the notes and powerpoints we went over in class. Went to every class because I didn't want to miss out on the fun! I highly reccomend taking her class.

Mindy is very friendly and although this was a three-hour class, it rarely (if ever) lasted that long. It wasn't boring with her and she easily makes students in the class feel comfortable. Mindy has an awesome sense of humor. Hardly any assignments leading up to the final speech. Grades generously. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! [:

Mindy is a great professor. She takes pride in what she does and wants everyone to suceed.She give two tests, a final and you have to do an impromtu speech and one other speech 5-7 minutes. She is very helpful. The best thing about her is she is easy on the eyes :)

Shea Lampi

I really enjoyed professor Shea. She was very enthusiastic about the subject and made the class as easy as possible! Only 3 speeches were required with 3 exams. Class was easy and I would suggest her.

Shea is a great teacher and is very enthusiastic about the course material, which I found made the class much more interesting. She made the class fun and interesting with group exercises. Great person all around. I would highly recommend her class.

She's really lovely, has powerpoints for the notes, she cuts slack for people who are shy and don't like to give speeches because it is just a general ed class. She's smart and nice and understanding. She makes sense. The class material makes sense too. Attendance is important!!

Melissa Lewis

Fantastic professor. The course consisted of four exams, a speech and a paper. Extremely simple, basic matieral, some of which you've probably already knew. I didn't find the course difficult, but when I needed a question answered, she was very easy to talk to and helpful during office hours. Definitely take!

One of, if not THEE best professor at SVSU. She is intelligent, very down-to-earth, funny, she is helpful, very nice, and uses a real-life example for almost everything we learned to ensure that we truly learn and remember it. Gives study guides. Loved her so much! I wish she could teach all of my classes!

Dr. Lewis is one of the BEST teachers I have EVER had, I had her for her 1st class ever and Comm 405 was Hard but she is nice and ALWAYS willing to help you and steer you in the right direction. She helps any student, looks over drafts, and responds to emails in a timely manner. I would love to take an easier class with her again

Students Talks About This University


College Freshman Feb 6 2015
there are so many things that SVSU has to offer for our nursing program. We have simulations and lots of jobs after graduation

College Sophomore Nov 20 2014
Academics: The academics are great. There is a lot of different options for majors and minors. All teachers are nice, but you have to study.

College Sophomore Jul 4 2014
The library is a great place to study. They even have a cafe in the library so you can study and eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. You have to go somewhere to get the food but in the cafe there is a coffee machine, microwave, and even a sink.

College Junior May 27 2014
I love my major now that I am in my Medical Laboratory Science program. The professors are wonderful and helpful, and the head of our program is absolutely fantastic. Our program is a very close group of individuals and we learn so much. It is very easy to get help with anything you need and, most of all, the program is fun!

College Freshman Jan 30 2014
I am majoring in chemistry. SVSU has a co-op program with Dow Chemical and Dow Corning, which is where many Chemistry majors aspire to work. There is also an ACS approved chemistry major. The workload is typical of what you would expect from a science-based field, and the classes I need are almost always available. There is also a suggested course list to help you keep on track, and your faculty advisor helps you choose classes as well.

College Freshman Dec 23 2013
At Saginaw Valley State University they offer a wide verity of areas to study and receive help. Such as a writing and tutoring center.

Campus Quality:

College Freshman Nov 1 2014
Plenty of opportunities on campus. There are fitness clubs, nice professors, great advisors, cool places to hang out and a really good environment!

College Sophomore Jul 4 2014
SVSU has a gallery and a museum on campus. The facilities for all different kinds of learning are very nice. Although one building still hasn't been upgraded to match the rest of campus. Right now there is construction being done for SVSU's athletic center to expand it and make it better.

College Freshman Mar 31 2014
Starting new clubs and groups is really easy. And almost all of our buildings are connected so when there is poor weather, you can walk inside from building to building without dealing with the weather. We have our own heating and cooling along with kitchenettes in each room and there are so many activities going on all the time.

College Freshman Dec 23 2013
Overall the programs, social scene, facilities, and opportunities offered are fantastic and I personally would recommend looking into Saginaw Valley State University for the cost and the campus life.

College Freshman Nov 13 2013
Student life on campus is very important. Student Life runs a lot of the organizations that are on campus, as well as giving students the opportunity to become a part of a lot of amazing on campus organizations. As well as that, the buildings on campus are fanominal. From the library, to the student center, there are places for every student to hang out, as well as to study in quieter places.

College Junior Jul 27 2013
SVSU has the best teaching program. The class sizes are much smaller than other colleges and it makes it easier to focus and talk to your professors.


College Freshman Jan 31 2016
There is a huge amount of diversity at SVSU. Over 10% of our students are international. I really appreciate the diversity.

College Student May 13 2014
People on campus are very accepting of all different groups. Each and every ethnic, racial, religion, and sexual orientation is treated equally on campus. Nobody cares if you have come from a very rich background or a poor background, every one is treated equally and is accepted by campus as a whole.

College Sophomore Feb 3 2014
LOTS of international students....everywhere. Also I have noticed many LBGT groups/events

College Freshman Jan 30 2014
There are a lot of international students and there is an LGBTQ club on campus, but you still see a lot of locals which come from similar backgrounds.

College Freshman Dec 23 2013
Their is a large diversity within the students including racial and economic backgrounds, yet everyone gets along.

College Freshman Nov 28 2013
Our campus is rather diverse, and they have a lot of student organization for all sorts of those things. I joined the "C-pod" groups where international and domestic students get together and hang out, then there's a lot of activity from the LGBTQIA community and ethnic related groups.

Guys & Girls:

College Student Oct 14 2014
Gender really isn't an issue on campus. We all work together and have a common goal in mind: to do well to go on to bigger and better things.We are able to bounce ideas off of each other and use our different perspectives to better our own.

College Junior Sep 3 2014
Everybody is really friendly here and accepting. Nobody has the attitude of "im better than he or she." Students dress like they would every other day. Some days are harder to get out of bed than others, so the occasional pj's and Starbucks is always accepted. Relationships are nobody's business but the couples, and everybody seems to get to know each other through classes or jobs here on campus. You are never with out a friend here at SVSU.

College Junior Nov 20 2013
There are so many different types of people here, that no matter what your personality, you're almost guaranteed to meet people you can get along with. Most people are pretty social, and plenty of lookers to keep you distracted.

College Freshman Nov 13 2013
Every guy and girl on campus are different, and everyone is unique. I enjoy walking around campus and seeing all the different types of people, from preps, to jocks, to the geeky or religious people.

College Senior Aug 10 2013
Most of the students at SVSU usually dress for comfort- sweatpants and t-shirts. The students there are of average attractiveness, and are generally friendly and polite.

College Sophomore Jul 25 2013
You'll find a variety of guys and girls on campus, from geeks to jocks to in-between people. From social butterflies to more introverted kinds! People here dress more casual, going to class in sweatpants or just normal jeans and a tee. The social life is fun if you open yourself up to it (getting involved, etc.)!

Saginaw Valley State University

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Student Clubs/Associations

South Asian Students Association
A fun club representing the culture of South Asia but not limited to students from South Asia.
The purpose of the South Asian Students' Association is to:
1. Act as a forum for South Asian students to meet and present their views.
2. Unite South Asians and people of other races by celebrating and learning from diversity.
Chinese Student and Scholars Association(SVSU)
For more information:

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Interesting Tidbits 87% of students surveyed rated the general knowledge of professors as above average. Low-Stress Course Load 76% of students surveyed rated the manageability of work as above average. Big Dorms 88% of students surveyed felt that dorms were more spacious than average. Accepting Campus Community 58% of students surveyed said that the campus community as a whole is very accepting of members of minority groups. Highly Satisfied Students 85% of students surveyed would make the same school choice if they could do it all over again. Help Finding a Job or Internship 58% of students surveyed said that the career center is very helpful and provides services to students beyond help landing a job. Help to Succeed The school has academic and career counseling available to help you when you need it. Get AP Credit If you took AP classes in high school, you might be able to get college credit for them. Work Part-Time During School Employment services are available for students. Help Getting Hired Placement services are available to graduates. Students Stick Around Only 0% of students transfer out.
Percentage No
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