• University of Valley Forge is a private institution.
  • University of Valley Forge's ranking in the 2016 edition of Best Colleges is Regional Colleges (North), 44.
  • University of Valley Forge seeks to encourage the spiritual, academic, social, emotional, and physical development of each student.
  • Provides numerous opportunities to participate in co-curricular activities including athletics, student ministries, cultural events, music.
  • Student-to-Faculty ratio is 14:1 with Male/Female Student ratio of 48% / 52%.

Hostel Fees

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Amount in,Indian Rupees (Rs.)
Monthly $676 Rs. 45,653
Yearly $8,116 Rs. 5,47,830

University Professor Information


William Desanto

Amazing man of God, as well as a thorough, honest, and very likeable teacher....go DR. D (someday)

Billy D Rocks!

He is awesome. You are the best.!!!

Kent Smith

Awesome professor. Really takes the time to get to know his students.

Mr. Smith is the best professor in the music department. He genuinely cares about his students. I have learned a great deal through taking his classes. He makes you work to learn, but I can say that he is one of the most effective professors at this University. If you are considering taking a class with him, I would say go for it! Life changer!

Very fun prof. extremely nice guy. Genuinely cares for his students. Difficult tests, but always available for help


Ken Damstrom

He has a great sense of humor and is an amazing person. He's good in the classroom and has TONS of experience in his field. He always uses his textbooks, which help when tests come.

Great professor. Very interesting

AMAZING man. At times I didn't understand his jokes or dry sense of humor...but his stories and heart will win you over. Tests can be a bit hard at times but they are EXACTLY what he tells you in class. TAKE NOTES and use his study guides and you're sure to get an A.

Kathy Caruso

I'm in my 3rd class with her. She's cool. I like her. good psych prof.

Not only is she super nice but she gives you real life and practical information. She truly cares about her students and knows so much! She also doesn't let anyone dictate how she handles her classes, she does what she needs to do. I love her!

She is the sweetest lady this college has. She knows what she is talking about and does everythign she can to help you learn the information you need to know. I love her!

David Scolforo

Great professor who cares about his students.

Scolforo is very informed and has a ton of experience. Go into his with an open mind and you will learn a lot! His tests are really hard but if you diligently study the material day by day you will be alright!

Dr. Scolforo is one of the best in this school. His tests are not easy and he CHALLENGES you to do your best. As for you who said he doesnt have a theory, yes he does and if you wanted a professor that uses his own material then go to a research school. He uses practical models and is easy to understand if you PAY ATTENTION. You get what you earn.

Students Talks About This University

Student Talks


College Sophomore Jan 13 2015

In my opinion, the academics and chapel are the best things about this University.

College Freshman Feb 21 2014

The professors are great professors. They really care about ones education. The programs are good and competitive.

College Freshman Nov 5 2013

The school provides each major with a specific advisor that helps guide the students into the right direction.

College Freshman Nov 5 2013

The professors are great with working with you. They help provide study guides for the exam that will help you learn the material.

College Senior Sep 9 2013

The registration process is great because the professors and advisors really care about what you care about--getting your degree and being done with school. They do whatever is in their power to make scheduling and planning as simple and easy as possible.

College Sophomore Jan 15 2013

The Professors are great, they really know their subjects and just pour out the grace and understanding to their students as if they were their own children. And they are always finding new ways to help us learn, it's quite good.

Campus Quality:

College Freshman Jun 18 2014

We have a nice gym on campus for students to use to prepare and train for the sports they are enrolled in.

College Freshman May 19 2014

It is a fun and carefree environment. The faculty are all dedicated to help the students succeed. They are always available when ever a question arises. It is a dedicated college that provides a great christian atmosphere. Every staff and faculty member at the college is approachable to say the least. This college makes you feel at home. The best decision a person can make is applying to such a wonderful college.

College Junior Sep 30 2013

Student life is almost always available. The campus is beautiful. The athletic centers are not that fantastic, but they are planning to build a new one in the near future. The library is beautiful! The building is so nice and it provides a lot of resources inside and online. They have a hangout area called the Back Porch. There is a TV, pool table, ping pong table and couches to just hang out and chill. There are several activities to get students involved such as intramural sports teams, Last Man Standing, and more.

College Junior Jul 31 2013

First and foremost the Spiritual lifestyles here. We Pray before every class, we gather in such an amazing,calm atmosphere and fellowship with one another. Yes, there are some crazy times on Campus but its only when midterms,and finals are approaching. Yet the faculty and staff still set a calm atmosphere. Academically we are a great college. At least if you feel you are having trouble, you can go to the professor and he/she will help you in anyway possible. I have learned this the hard way because the college I went to before this, I didnt feel welcome to even bother them in class, yet alone outside of class.

College Junior Jul 31 2013

For having such a small campus with a decent amount of students on it, we tend to have a great college all around. From great buildings, hangout spots, to the teachers. We have a nice size commons area for relaxation, which we use that space for a graduation ceremonies every year. We are truly blessed to have the space we have,better yet we are growing day by day.

College Senior Jul 23 2013

The school is relatively small, you would enjoy the small school environment because you would get more attention from professors, from librarian, admission office, etc. There's a program named "Student Success", they have some staff (Alumni) who works one-on-one with students who need a little extra help, varying from tutoring, homework help to counseling. Their heart is to see every student succeed at VFCC and in life.


College Freshman Jun 18 2014

The diversity is really nice. The admissions are a little selective on their students but overall we have a evenly distributed community filled with different ethnic backgrounds.

College Freshman Feb 21 2014

Everyone accepts everyone. There is no discrimination. It is a Christian environment.

Recent Alumnus Dec 30 2012

Very diverse. Different race, policitical, and cultural backgrounds. This college has come a very long way.

College Senior Nov 9 2012

We have people from all over the world and even of all ages. The majority is probably average age for a college though. I have a friend from every ethnic group in my immediate circle of friends so that says a lot.

College Freshman Mar 15 2010

There are MANY varieties of ethnic groups represented at VFCC.

Guys & Girls:

College Junior May 18 2014

Like any college campus, students come in all shapes, sizes, styles, interests etc. It would be easy for anyone to find a group to love and fit in with.

College Senior Jul 23 2013

Guys generally are very respectful towards the ladies on campus.
Ladies generally enjoy getting together with each other.
The feeling among people on the campus is very warm and welcoming, as if they want you there, and want you to feel welcomed.

College Sophomore Jun 12 2012

Beautiful People – I have found in vfcc there is many good looking people, but not only physically but also beautiful on the inside with their love and compassion for GOD. It is beautiful.

College Sophomore Apr 23 2011

Gender Interaction – You'll find all types of boys and girls around our small campus. Some are very outgoing and others barely talk. We have a dress code, girls cannot wear dresses higher then two inches above their knees, and guys cannot wear earrings. We cannot visit the opposite sex's dorm room except for on wednesday and friday, and it's at a certain time/ Their are many relationships, some work out, some don't!

College Senior Nov 10 2010

We Are Diverse – You will find all types of people around campus. We have all different races. For the most part most of the students are modest and studious but able to have a good time also.

University of Valley Forge

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Interesting Tidbits

100% of students surveyed rated the general knowledge of professors as above average.

Low-Stress Course Load

82% of students surveyed rated the manageability of work as above average.

to Get By on a Student's Bud

60% of students surveyed felt that the amount it costs to live while at school was better than average.

Safe Campus

92% of students surveyed said that they feel extremely safe and secure on campus.

Campus Pride

54% of students surveyed said that they love everything about the school and have a lot of campus pride.

Help Finding a Job or Internship

60% of students surveyed said that the career center is very helpful and provides services to students beyond help landing a job.

Strong Alumni Network

50% of students surveyed said the alumni network is very strong and involved in activities on campus.

Help to Succeed

The school has academic and career counseling available to help you when you need it.

Get AP Credit

If you took AP classes in high school, you might be able to get college credit for them.

Work Part-Time During School

Employment services are available for students.

Help Getting Hired

Placement services are available to graduates.

Students Stick Around

Only 6% of students transfer out.

Percentage No
GPA Required No
State / Region No