• For the 2015-16 academic year, Drake University placed third in the Midwest region of the U.S. News & World Report's rankings of master's universities. Among master’s institutions, Drake’s peer-assessed academic quality ranks third of 149 in the Midwest and seventh of 542 in the nation.
  • Forbes magazine ranked Drake University at number 145 on their 2015 list of America's Top Colleges.
  • College Factual ranked the school 171st nationally and second in the state of Iowa
  • Drake University has been providing quality education for more than 130 years
  • The University enrolls more than 3,300 undergraduates and 1,700 graduate students from 40 states and more than 40 countries
  • More than 300 international students from over 50 countries study at Drake University
  • Drake University has been featured in Peterson’s Guide to Competitive Colleges
  • Drake features over 160 student organizations in which to participate, which include several fraternities and sorority

Hostel Fees

Amount in US
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Amount in Indian
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Monthly $ 773 Rs. 52,144
Yearly $ 9,270 Rs. 6,25,725

University Professor Information

Matthew Mitchell

Professor in the Business department at Drake University, Des Moines, IA

Professor Mitchell is a phenomenal instructor and person. I know this class is not going to be taught in the future, but I wanted to write about how impactful his class was. He truly cares about his students and goes above and beyond to make class engaging and interesting. By far the best professor I have ever had at Drake!

Randall Blum

Professor in the Business department at Drake University, Des Moines, IA

Parent of a Drake student, but so pleased with our interactions with Mr. Blum and his approach to the Business students that I had to rate him. Always seems to care about the students and making sure they succeed. Seems willing to do what it takes to make sure of that too. Glad my student is at Drake instead of 1000 miles closer to home.

I just finished this class tonight and it was amazing. I learned so much and improved my confidence and speaking ability beyond anything I thought possible. My friend told me on the way to the dorm that it was the best class she's ever taken at Drake. I certainly agree.

Dean Blum has continued to remind us for the past three years about the importance of our future. And now my best friend and I are in the middle of big time summer internships thanks to his direct support. Both she and I are so glad we followed his advice. This professor always gets right to the point and puts his students first.

Royce Fichtner

Professor in the Business department at Drake University, Des Moines, IA

*Fast becoming my favorite CBPA professor. Has great examples, acts as if an expert on the topics, and really tries to keep class interesting! Clearly explains what he expects from students so as long as effort is put in, it shouldn't be hard to get a great grade. Very friendly as well.

Fichtner is a really great professor who really cares about his classes. He posts powerpoints that summarize the chapters so you don't have to read them (but it REALLY helps if you do) if you don't want to. All his questions are drawn from info we talk about in class/on his powerpoints. Do homework, he collects it regularly.

Professor Fichtner is one of the best teachers at Drake. He has his own sense of humor that becomes apparent throughout the semester. He takes the time to clearly explain exactly how he wants you to perform on the exams. Highly recommended if you want to have a couple laughs along the Blaw trail.

Students Talks About This University

Academics: Academics are challenging but fair. They do a good job preparing us for our future careers with both knowledge and wisdom.

Academics: Challenging definitely, but best preparation for your field of choice

Academics: You have options to do research right away, the technology available is top notch, classes are challenging but not impossible, and teachers are very helpful and understanding.

Academics: Every professor at my university is required to have worked in their field before becoming a teacher, so they all know what they're talking about. Since class sizes are so small, the professors know who you are and actually have an interest in personally helping you learn. The first month of school, I was invited to a breakfast at my professor's house so that members of the journalism school could meet each other and get acquainted with the community. My school is known for preparing students for life after graduating by providing academic advisors that take the time to get to know you and your strengths, weaknesses, interests, etc. so that they can help you find internships and connect you to professionals in your field of study.

Campus Quality: The athletic centers, student centers, and traditions here are fantastic. The library is perfect for last minute studying, and the library and student centers both have little cafe's in them for coffee breaks.

Campus Quality: We have the Drake Relays in the spring, and people come from all over the country and the world to participate. We have a whole week of traditions and activities leading up to the actual relays. There is a sidewalk on campus called the painted sidewalk, and every organization gets a square, and we get together that week to paint the sidewalk. The Greek Life is also much different from other schools in that it is not as competitive as and much more supportive than other schools I have visited.

Campus Quality: The facilities at Drake are amazing! Very up-to-date and very modern! Even some of the older buildings are very well-maintained. Everything is relatively close to each other, so getting from class to class isn't too bad. The student center is a hub for student life, with a coffee shop, a nice workout center, and posting for clubs and organizations. Campus life rocks - so much involvement and action going on! It's never dull here! The dorms are awesome. There are some that a lot of people prefer more than others, but it really comes down to what you make of your experience.

Diversity: Drake University has a student body which comes from a wide variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds. The tolerance of different points of view is exceptional. The campus just held a week of meetings called "Let's Talk About Religion." where various Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and secular organizations met to discuss their faiths (or lack of faith). The event was successful and really opened a dialogue between people. It also made me a few friends of different faiths.

Diversity: There are groups for just about anything on campus. Honestly if you can't find one group that fits your specific beliefs and views on certain topics, then you are probably not really even looking. People are pretty accepting of diversity, but in certain areas there isn't much diversity. Most students come from the same economic background and ethnic/racial group here, but there isn't a problem with students who are different in those areas. They seem to fit right in.

Diversity: Drake University has many international students and professors. The campus as a whole is very accepting. The majority of the students are from Asian countries although a majority of the athletic students are from European countries.

Guys & Girls: Most students have money that attend Drake and this is shown in personal apparel. Many students are extremely fashionable and well dress all the time. Relationships are not flaunted but are abundant. Most students on campus party hard and regularly.

Guys & Girls: A Friendly Environment – The students at Drake come from a variety of backgrounds and are a friendly group of people. Drake's campus environment is comforting and hospitable; you never feel out of place.

Guys & Girls: Drake is a school where you can find all sorts of people. The guys are decently attractive as well as the girls. We love to party, but we also love to study. Everyone is really friendly and outgoing, barely ever exclusive.

Drake University

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  • New York University
  • Washington University in St Louis
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Interesting Tidbits

Happy Students

88% of students return after their first year.

Proven Success

74% of students will complete their education and graduate with a degree.

Easy Financial Aid Process

59% of students surveyed told us that the financial aid process went smoothly and they received the financial aid they needed.

Knowledgeable Professors

100% of students surveyed rated the general knowledge of professors as above average.

Low-Stress Course Load

68% of students surveyed rated the manageability of work as above average.

Big Dorms

63% of students surveyed felt that dorms were more spacious than average.

Easy to Get By on a Student's Budget

56% of students surveyed felt that the amount it costs to live while at school was better than average.

Highly Satisfied Students

86% of students surveyed would make the same school choice if they could do it all over again.

Help Finding a Job or Internship

68% of students surveyed said that the career center is very helpful and provides services to students beyond help landing a job.

Vibrant Social Scene

50% of students surveyed agreed that there are lots of popular activities around campus every day.

Learn from the Best

89% of faculties have earned the highest degree in their field.

Help to Succeed

The school has academic and career counseling available to help you when you need it.

Get AP Credit

If you took AP classes in high school, you might be able to get college credit for them.

Work Part-Time During School

Employment services are available for students.

Help Getting Hired

Placement services are available to graduates.

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