• It is one of the oldest college established in 1927
  • Students receive an outstanding education in business
  • University is proud of its long-standing excellence with training students to become administrators, managers and leaders of their chosen professions
  • University's tradition is to provide students with the necessary tools to succeed in the world and to encourage their passions for continued learning

University Professor Information

Bruce Sabin

Professor in the Business department at Webber International University, Babson Park, FL

Nice guy always helpful.

He is very nice and tries to help you as much as possible.

Students Talks About This University

Academics: The teachers for my particular major are very helpful and try to get you to hands on experiences such as local restaurants and surrounding meetings.

Academics: Professors are interesting... Classes are too easy.. Attendance doesn't matter. No classes on Wednesday is the best.

Academics: Small School – I came to webber international university because of its business program. I liked the fact that the campus is small to where you dont have to go miles just to make it to your next class. Also by being a small school it is easier to approach teachers to get the one on one help that may be needed from the teachers.

Campus Quality: The student life seems to be more of a variety than other schools I have attended. This school is also an international school which allows you to meet a large variety of international students from all over the world.

Campus Quality: We are very diverse and there are so many people from around the world here.

Campus Quality: Webber Is Awesome for Athletes! If you are an athlete, Webber is definitely an awesome place for you to be. The weight room is awesome as well as top notch fields and courts to perform on. It's in a very remote area, but almost directly in between Tampa and Orlando so there is always something to do if you're willing to drive.

Diversity: Extremely Diverse – Webber is an international School so the school is full of people from other states and other countries! It is awesome to be able to be around that kind of diversity. Also, Webber has an International Day every semester where the students from other countries cook!

Diversity: There are so many different students from all around the world since this school is international different race and ethnicity.

Diversity: it is great everyone keep to themselves, everyone is friendly

Diversity: it is great everyone keep to themselves, everyone is friendly.

Guys & Girls: The guys and girls are all athletes and love to party.

Guys & Girls: the social life is very different because many students are from different places so the its all a little mix of where everyone comes from and they combine it together and just have fun.

Guys & Girls: Everyone is really casual and chill here.

Webber International University

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Interesting Tidbits

Help to Succeed

The school has academic and career counseling available to help you when you need it.

Get AP Credit

If you took AP classes in high school, you might be able to get college credit for them.

Work Part-Time During School

Employment services are available for students.

Help Getting Hired

Placement services are available to graduates.

Extremely Diverse

One of the most racially diverse campuses- 46% of students are minorities.

Percentage No
GPA Required No
State / Region No