• Washington University in St. Louis is a private institution that was founded in 1853.
  • It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 7,401, its setting is suburban, and the campus size is 169 acres.
  • It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar.
  • Washington University in St. Louis's ranking in the 2016 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, 15.
  • The university is ranked 30th in the world by the Acedemic ranking of the world Universities
  • It's undergraduate program is ranked 14th in the United States by US News and World Report in 2013
  • The university is affiliated with 27 Rhodes Scholar and 20 Nobel Laureates
  • Times Higher Education World University Rankings has placed this university as 42nd in the world in 2014

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Monthly $787 Rs. 53,145
Yearly $9,448 Rs. 6,37,740

University Professor Information


Todd Gormley

Gormley is the man! The best teacher I've had at Wash U hands down. I have never seen or heard of a teacher care about his students the way Gormley takes care of them.

The man is a great teacher and will go on to much bigger things. Very smart! Very organized! It was a privilage to learn from him. Great professor. He is very clear and easy to listen to. His examples and lectures are very helpful (I opened my book maybe once all semester). In general, he is also just a very approachable guy, which helps.

Lubomir (lubo) Litov

Professor is well organized. The class is very demanding. He would give very hard exams, but is also very fair. I learned a lot from this class, more than any other in Eller.

He is very knowledgeable about mergers & acquisitions. I learn a ton every class, but it is a lot of information!

Undisputedly the best at WashU! If you are headed for any kind of investment banking career, you are better off taking his class. It is amazing, even now I am still using his lectures.

Dirk Hackbarth

Professor really cares about students being engaged in the subject and genuinely wants students to learn/understand new issues he presents. Professor promotes a great in-class learning environment.

Great teacher! Helpful, available, enthusiastic, clear, reasonable, responsive, funny. Take his classes!

Overall, Dirk was the man. The class was a very enjoyable learning experience. Dirk was very reasonable with the tests/homeworks. His review sessions before the tests were very helpful as he told you what exactly what problems to focus on. He made the homework shorter when people mentioned that it was too long. Dirk was also a very nice, funny guy

Computer Science

Ken Goldman

Awesome professor, very very good at what he does. Very helpful and generally interested in students.

he is an angel in the cs department. he is the real educator. also, he has a warm heart for student. the best of the best of the best.

He really is the best professor in the computer science department. It's worth shuffling classes to get a course by him- or his wife.

Sally Goldman

Sally is really great. She teaches well and if you can keep up with her you have a lot of fun.

Sally is great, no two ways about it. She explains things well and is organized both in lecture and in administrivia. The course material has some inherant flaws that makes it tough to evaluate. She does her best to make the course fair in light of this, which is a tribute to how great she is.

Sally works hard to make this class a valuable experience for students. Every work was returned within days with good comments. She was accommodating and always available for help. The Midterm was easy the final surprisingly hard.

Ron Cytron

Great professor, always available to help his students. Clear online lectures, really teaches you comp sci. DO NOT BUY TEXTBOOK! It's easy to get an A if you do all the required work.

An excellent introduction to computer science. Having begun the course with no programming experience whatsoever, I am amazed by how much I was able to learn over the semester, thanks to his teaching style.

Professor Cytron was my favorite professor all year. Even though he had so many students in his class, he took the time to get to know each individual. If you get Cytron, you are lucky.


Eric Ratinoff

Ratinoff made this class a blast. He's a fun guy. make sure you take the class with him.

great professor!! make sure you take tech writing from him.

This guy made Technical Writing one of the best classes I will ever take. Teaches the stuff really well, and connects with students because he's young. If you're going to take this class, make sure you have him as a professor.

Randall Hoven

He is a very good professor. Teaches material that is mostly review but reteaches it as though it is new. He is very explicit about what he wants on the tests and gives awesome formula sheets and practice tests. Homework is kinda long but not bad. Would recommend any day.

Mr. Hoven is a phenomenal teacher. He explains everything very clearly, has great comments, and knows what material is worth teaching. He is also great at email - I've had him answer an email within 15 minutes at 1:30 a.m. Whatever he's teaching, it will be a good class.

Hoven is a great teacher. He's super organized and the notes he gives you are fantastic. I suggest taking a class with him. He got annoyed when people stopped coming to class towards the end, but all in all he's a pretty chill dude and knows the material pretty well. He's also pretty old school.

Guy Genin

Incredible professor and a great person overall. He is extremely knowledgable in so many areas within all Engineering fields and will do everything he can to help you succeed, both in his class and in general.

He is extremely intelligent and knows what he is teaching. He is fair and keeps the class fun and interesting!

By far my favorite professor ever! He is extremely accessible and willing to help. He also has a great sense of humor and keeps the class fun!

Students Talks About This University


College Sophomore Jun 4 2015

I'm a systems engineer major and it's great. I love the department, and my advisors are super helpful, and the classes are super interesting.

College Sophomore Jun 4 2015

They make you learn a lot at Washu, but you have so much time to do it because you only have class for a couple hours a day. And everyone is your resource to help you learn and do well.

College Senior Jun 10 2014

The business school is more preprofessional than any of the other four schools at Wash U. You start learning how to dress and prepare for interviews the first month or two of class. They have incredible resources available to you, the professors are all intelligent, assessable, and eloquent when it comes to teaching, and you can really tell their teaching comes first, even before research. There's always a ton of free food and Olin just opened their newest building this past January. Though it can get competitive at times and you are sometimes compared with your peers as far as grades go, I have absolutely no worries about landing an incredible, stable job to start at after graduation.

College Freshman Feb 27 2014

Great school with amazing and caring professors that make learning fun and engaging.

College Sophomore Feb 21 2014

One of the best universities in the country so the academics are phenomenal.

College Junior Feb 11 2014

Top notch academics with a world renowned faculty! The amazing classes you will experience at WashU is overwhelming (in a good way)!

College Freshman Jan 30 2014

The academics are rigorous, but rewarding. There are many opportunities for research, study abroad programs, internships, etc. The school wants to create extraordinary and intelligent individuals who will be successful in the real world.

Campus Quality:

College Sophomore Jun 4 2015

Washu does a great job ensuring that its campus is of great quality.

College Freshman Nov 14 2014

Campus is aesthetically absolutely stunning, to begin with. Looks gorgeous in all seasons. The athletic centers such as the South 40 Fitness center and the A/C are very well-equipped and accessible, with a new athletic center currently under construction. Dining halls (BD and the DUC) have a great variety of food and are comfortable to just hang out in as well. Olin Library is awesome for studying at any level of intensity and all of the staff is extremely helpful if you need them. Overall, quality of life on campus is fantastic.

College Sophomore Jun 14 2014

The campus is beautiful. It has plenty of green spaces and areas around campus for students to hang out.

College Freshman May 7 2014

There a beautiful buildings on campus. The student union (DUC) is great because it allows study space, play space (game lounge), and eating all in the same location. It also houses student organization offices. Classrooms are generally spacious and desk are in good condition. There is an upcoming new recreation facility, as well as 2 recently completed business buildings.

College Sophomore Mar 3 2014

Student life is VIBRANT! A ton of events going on around campus so that you will never get bored!!

College Freshman Feb 27 2014

Student life is great on campus! We were voted one the happiest colleges in the nation.


College Freshman Dec 29 2015

The campus is very diverse for a private research institution. People are also very accepting and come from backgrounds that are accepting of diversity.

College Freshman Mar 6 2014

WUSTL is very liberal, and there are a lot of international students. there are not, however, many latino/latina students, and there is a very affluent student body.

College Sophomore Feb 21 2014

The campus is extremely diverse. Students hail from all around the country as well as the world to attend Washington University in St. Louis.

College Sophomore Feb 18 2014

Very diverse crowd at WashU!

College Junior Feb 11 2014

The diversity on campus is unbelievable! The types of people you meet is amazing!!

College Senior Jan 10 2014

The ethnic and racial diversity is definitely there, but as always it's up to you to branch out of your usual friend groups and meet someone new.

Guys & Girls

College Sophomore Jun 4 2015

WashU is a school that seems like it's just completely filled with perfect people.

College Freshman May 19 2015

Everybody is super nice! But obviously when you go to a school of our rigor, you won't find as many attractive students as you would at a state school. But the athletes are usually pretty cute. Definitely a work hard-play hard atmosphere.

College Senior Dec 21 2014

With 7,000 undergrads you're going to see a lot of diversity in looks, interests, social life, and relationships. Many students date, but there is also an active hookup culture. It is fairly easy to balance a social life with your school work. Students dress the way they want to - some in sweats and some in jeans and a blouse. I think Wash U has it's fair share of attractive students just like any other large university would.

College Freshman Nov 14 2014

Guys and girls here are great. You know everyone is here for the same reasons and is willing to work hard for what they want and value their education, but at the same time they know how to have a good time and relax. As far as relationships, it is very much a hook-up based culture, with not as many serious, exclusive relationships.

College Freshman May 7 2014

There may not be a strong culture of relationships on this campus. I attribute that to very rigorous coursework that forces students to focus on themselves as well as very social students that like to interact with many as opposed to just one or a few in serious relationships.

College Sophomore Mar 3 2014

Guys and Girls are very good looking here at WashU! We have many brilliant minds and beautiful people.

College Sophomore Feb 21 2014

Many hot girls and hot guys on campus. Seriously. When I toured other top 20 schools the crowds were not that great looking compared to those of Washington University in St. Louis.

Washington University in St. Louis

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Student Clubs/Associations


Umang, the Indian Graduate Student Association, is one of the largest and most vibrant graduate student groups on the Washington University Campus. We have several fun filled events throughout the year that build a sense of community among members and add to the cultural diversity at Wash U.

Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)

Welcome to WashU CSSA – the family of Chinese students and scholars at Washington University in St. Louis! We are charged to help new students from China, to serve our community, and to present marvelous Chinese culture to the entire campus.

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Interesting Tidbits

96% of students return after their first year.

Commitment to Teaching

There are 7 students for every member of faculty on campus.

Proven Success

94% of students will complete their education and graduate with a degree.

Knowledgeable Professors

95% of students surveyed rated the general knowledge of professors as above average.

Low-Stress Course Load

58% of students surveyed rated the manageability of work as above average.

Big Dorms

100% of students surveyed felt that dorms were more spacious than average.

Accepting Campus Community

75% of students surveyed said that the campus community as a whole is very accepting of members of minority groups.

Great Local Atmosphere

55% of students surveyed said that there is always something fun and interesting going on near campus.

Safe Campus

51% of students surveyed said that they feel extremely safe and secure on campus.

Highly Satisfied Students

81% of students surveyed would make the same school choice if they could do it all over again.

Help Finding a Job or Internship

57% of students surveyed said that the career center is very helpful and provides services to students beyond help landing a job.

Genders Equally Represented

A male-to-female ratio of 49/51 means there's a pretty even balance of students on campus.vLearn from the Best

98% of faculty have earned the highest degree in their field.

Personal Attention

You can expect personal attention with 70% of classes having less than 20 students.

Help to Succeed

The school has academic and career counseling available to help you when you need it.

Get AP Credit

If you took AP classes in high school, you might be able to get college credit for them.

Work Part-Time During School

Employment services are available for students.

Help Getting Hired

Placement services are available to graduates.

Percentage No
GPA Required No
State / Region No