• 1,338 acre residential campus with park-like setting and 119 buildings
  • Including the new Stroh Center, The Wolfe Center for the Arts, Centennial Residence Hall, Falcon Heights Residence Hall, The Oaks Dining Center and Carillon Place Dining Center.
  • Tier-one institution ranked among the best 100 public schools in the U.S. by the U.S. World and News Report, also has over 40 study abroad programs
  • BGSU's commitment to international education makes it a perfect choice for students interested in broadening their horizons
  • Ranked 177th by US News & World Reportin National University Rankings of America's Best Colleges
  • Ranked 97th on the Top Public Schools ranking by U.S. News & World Report
  • BGSU awards an average of 5,800 scholarships totalling approximately $20 million each year
  • BGSU employs approximately 3500-4000 students on campus throughout the year

Hostel Fees

in,US Dollar (USD)
Amount in,Indian Rupees (Rs.)
Monthly $ 708 Rs. 47,790
Yearly $ 8,496 Rs. 5,73,480

University Professor Information

Computer Science Leland Miller

Very good prof! Always willing to help and easy to understand. A+++

Great knowledge of the course, very easy to understand A great teacher! Highly recommended

Joseph Chao

Dr. Chao is an excellent instructor. Make sure you show up to class, ask for help, take advantage of office hours. I rarely used the textbook and got an A. If you work hard he will notice. Great guy.

Very helpful, great class.

He's a nice guy and willing to help students. You can except to learn something from his class.

Ray Kresman

He is a very funny, easy going Professor. He won't belittle you. Just pay attention in class and you'll do fine. He's understanding of out-of-class issues, and is willing to help if you meet with him for his office hours. Not only is this class easier because of him, it's enjoyable (even though I took it during an early morning section).

Kresman is a funny prof. I enjoyed being in his class. His class is a little challenging at times but not bad.

Excellent professor! Ray Kresman is hilarious. Programming assignments are usually short and are easily completed before the due date.

Architecture Jon Stevens

Jon was great, kept us very busy, If you work hard you will do well in the class. Very Motivated and very supportive and enthusiastic.

Jon is helpful and helps alot with the AIAS organization at BGSU. He has great personality and as long as you get things done on time and make an effort you won't have a problem, simple as that.

Jon made class fun and didn't lecture for hours like some instructors do

Kerry Fan

I bought the textbook but sold it before the end of the semester because we never used it. Kerry is kind of a tough grader, and gets nit-picky on small details, but then again details and accuracy are very important in architecture. He is always willing to help during and after class.

Kerry is the best teacher in the world

Kerry is a very good teacher. He is very helpful and definitely knows what he's talking about! The course is challenging but if you take it with Kerry and he knows you tried you will do great, he is very flexible.

John Ryan

Amazing and understanding. He allows other students to add their input so it's not just his opinion of the work being presented. He provides input that makes you look at your work in another way and make it better. He made me even more interested in architecture

Very helpful and flexible specially at the first weeks. I knew nothing about Architecture and this course was my first. he helped me a lot

Students Talks About This University

Academics: College Freshman Feb 23

Very impressed and proud of the courses I have taken, much better than I expected, but BGSU really does work to give you the best value for a state school.

College Sophomore Dec 30 2015

I think BG has the best early childhood education program in the country and I'm blessed to call it my school!

College Senior Mar 2 2015

It's hard to expand on this because everyone will experience this differently. Don't judge BGSU based on our acceptance rates. We have many nationally ranked programs and we've only become more selective each year that I've been here.

College Junior Jul 25 2014

I love being an art major. It's a ton of work but so worth it. The teachers are actively involved and interested in helping students reach goals and success.

College Sophomore Jun 4 2014

Bowling Green State University is a top school for individuals looking to major in education. With that being my major my freshman year, I had a really good academic experience and learned a lot from my classes and professors. Professors for all majors area always willing to help if you are struggling in their class. There is also a tutoring program in the library for all different subjects including a writing center which is very helpful with papers.

College Freshman Mar 19 2014

My major is really nice and they work a lot with the students to get into the field early so that we can decide if is what we want to do.

College Freshman Jan 10 2014

BGSU has a lot of great teachers that are willing to chat and talk to you. I am part of the honors program and I can't believe how helpful some of the professors are. Everyone is willing to help a student who asks for some help.

Campus Quality College Junior Jul 25 2014

Every building on campus has access for students who are handicapped or disabled. I think it's very helpful, makes camous life easier.

College Sophomore Jul 10 2014

The life on campus is pretty great. Where I spend most of my time is either in the library, the recreational center or the union. All three of them are top of the notch especially with the recreational center being under renovation.

College Sophomore Jan 6 2014

Student life on campus is wonderful! There are ALWAYS events going on campus; there's literally an event to attend every day. There is never a dull moment at BGSU. Campus events always vary as well, so people are always invited and encouraged to go out and try something new or get into something that they've never heard of or don't quite know much about. There are also a variety of organizations on campus that are available for students to become a part of. The only reason why students would ever be bored or unhappy with student life on campus is because they aren't taking the initiative to go out and get involved in something.

College Freshman Dec 9 2013

As far as things that make BG unique it really depends on what you are into. The school has many programs that make it very stand-outish from other schools. I am a huge harry potter fan, and was able to join the schools Quidditch team which is ranked 1st in the Midwest currently.

College Sophomore Jul 29 2013

Campus is always clean and beautiful; the people are always great to be around; many commodities, etc. are provided throughout the campus and dorms

College Freshman Jan 15 2013

BGSU has many dining halls to choose from, a large rec center with rock wall and olympic size swimming pool. The most historic part is the cemetary in the middle of campus, built before the school was around.

Diversity: College Junior Feb 23

The campus is pretty diverse. Anyone can fit in with any group because there are so many different people on campus.

College Freshman Dec 23 2015

Campus is relatively diverse. There are international students and there are non- international students. Students themselves are also very diverse as far as political and religious beliefs and their sexual orientation.

College Freshman Apr 8 2014

There is a lot of diversity, and a lot of groups that are there for them.

College Sophomore Mar 17 2014

The amount of students is extremely diverse. There is all kinds of races/ethnicities making it very welcome to everyone.

College Sophomore Feb 14 2014

I think we have a very good awareness of diversity on our campus with multiple organizations raising awareness about different topics. We have feminist, colored, and service organizations along with many more. I enjoy the diversity and learning about other people.

College Freshman Jan 2 2014

There is a lot of diversity on campus and I believe the students on campus are very open and accepting to other ethnicities and beliefs.

Guys & Girls: College Junior Jul 30 2014

There's a diverse student population. Everyone can find someone who they can connect and hangout with.

College Senior Jun 19 2014

I believe there is a lot of variety on campus between the guys and girls. You will see many different personalities, dress types, and interests if you sit at the Union and "people watch". BGSU does a good job at allowing people to express themselves, no matter what that means. Many, not all, but many people are accepting of the differences.

College Junior May 29 2014

Most of the students at BGSU are extremely friendly and will guide or help if need be. Overall the student population is very outgoing and nice.

College Freshman Jan 7 2014

The typical student looks would be very hard to describe because we have so much diversity and I see different types of looks everyday. We have skateboarders, hippies, extremely smart people, jocks, and many more. We all do have one thing in common though we all have FALCON SPIRT!

College Sophomore Jan 6 2014

Everyone on campus has their own style. It's always interesting to see how the different girls and guys from different places dress. Everyone is pretty much unique in their looks and choice of fashion ideas. The social life of the students is great because, for the most part, everyone meshes well with one another and there are rarely any altercations or issues when everyone is together. Social-wise, BGSU is a great campus.

College Freshman Dec 11 2013

It's great most people talk to one another if they don't know each other.

Bowling Green State University

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Student Clubs/Associations

Asian Communities United (ACU)

The purpose of ACU is to embrace awareness of Asian and Asian American cultures and to increase knowledge and acceptance of cultural diversity at BGSU. Activities include Asian American Film Festival, Literary Caravan, Retreat leadership and Spring Conference, Chinese New year Celebration, India Student Union MELA, and comedy team StirFriday Night.

Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)

Founded in 1987, the CSSA works to help newcomers to adjust to American culture and enrich Chinese students' college experience by serving as mentors. The organization also helps to introduce Chinese culture to the Bowling Green community and promote cultural exchange, friendship, and understanding among people with diverse cultural backgrounds. Activities include Chinese Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, International Fair, Cultural Connection Parties, Chinese Film Series, Lecture Series, and Championship Series.

India Students Association

Founded in 1994, the goal of the club is to promote awareness about India, her culture and people. It also serves as a forum for interaction between students and works to promote intercultural understanding among the people of the USA and India. Finally, the group assists incoming students with procedural formalities. Activities include Fresher's Party, Speaking Sessions, Holl Celebration, and National Dance Competitions.

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Interesting Tidbits

Off-campus housing is only $6,658 on average.

Employment services are available for students.

Placement services are available to graduates.

58% of students surveyed said that the career center is very helpful and provides services to students beyond help landing a job.

76% of students surveyed rated the manageability of work as above average.

89% of students surveyed rated the general knowledge of professors as above average.

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