• Augusta University is a public institution that was founded in 1828.
  • It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 5,224 and the campus size is 670 acres.
  • It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar.
  • Augusta University's ranking in the 2016 edition of Best Colleges is Regional Universities (South), 71.
  • University includes nine colleges and schools and provides education to nearly 9,000 students,over 1,000 full-time faculty and nearly 7,000 staff.
  • It is the nation's eighth-largest and 13th-oldest medical school
  • University provides the state's sole dental college with an aligned and integrated health system.
  • University campus is of approximately 150 buildings.

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Scott Wilkes

Mr. Wilkes is a great teacher. His lectures are filled with his personal accounts, making terms much easier to memorize and understand. He gives extra credit for just finding typos in his ppt! You will have to turn in a report of the chapter before class every week, but it's an easy 100

Professor Wilkes is fantastic! He truly wants every student to succeed and gives every opportunity to ask questions during lecture.

Awesome teacher. makes the class extremely interesting. quizzes over each ch. some are really easy some are harder but he drops 2. test are pretty straightforward he drops ur lowest test grade so if u have a good grade u wont have to take the final. u also have a paper u write that if u follow directions ull get 100 for a test grade. take him!

Gary Hann

Dr. Hann is AMAZING!!! If you get the chance to take him, DO IT! He's super laid back, and for my abnormal psych class he just made everybody do powerpoints and then we had to make portfolios. He's super hot, and really interesting! You'll love him!

Awesome teacher! Highly recommend.Took him for 1101 and 3143 and did great without killing myself with work and reading. Follow directions and pay attention and you will not just learn some stuff, you will actually have a good time too. Take! Take! Take!

DR.Hann has to be the best PSYC professor Ive ever ran across!He teachers from powerpoints and he provides extensive review for all tests(HE READS OFF FROM THE TEST IN ORDER TELLING YOU WHAT YOULL NEED TO KNOW)He gives a writing assignment (in the event that he wont be in class & there's only 3) Overall he's a great teacher & he will work with you!

Jennifer Stoddard

Great professor! recommended highly! she is very helpful and knowledgable. her classes are interesting and allows for discussion. lots of xtracredit opportunities. buy the study guide that goes along with the textbook, it really helps cut down study time. she is really nice.

She is wonderful. Very helpful. You will know the information when you are done. Gives great notes. Plenty of Extra Credit. If you don't pass her class it will be because you didn't try at all. She is great. Try to get her at all cost.

she is awesome. if you have a chance to take this class then you should and you should take her. she's really nice and likes to have class discussions. her tests are pretty easy as long as you study her powerpoints and read over the chapter like one time. she gives so many chances for extra credit. she is great!


Diane Robillard

Prof. Robillard was the best professor I have had at GRU. She was always there and took time to help. She cares for her students and makes an excellent clinical instructor. Wish we could have her the whole way through, but we wouldn't get to know the other excellent professors would we!

She is a great teacher, if you can't get along with her, then you obviously can't get along with anybody. She is clear and her teaching is meaningful! She is always there to help and will always go the extra mile for anyone!

If you have a problem with Robillard, its because you are not interested in reading the material. This is a professor that will bend over backwards for you, but she expects that you have put a little effort reading the assigned text. If you do your work, she is your best resource. She is an awesome clinical instructor and a great mentor

Melissa Williams

Professor Williams is Awesome! She truly cares about students and is always willing to help you understand the material and make the connections. A lot of the other professors don't seem to care!

Probably the only instructor in the program (I had her two years ago)that actually cares and wants you to succeed. She isn't out to "eat her young" as the rest of them are. Profesor Williams is a real nurse.

I have taken MANY classes,& this is the 1st time I have ever TRULY looked forward to lecture. I am constantly having "lightbulb moments" because she explains the difficult material in a way that we end up actually understanding it. It is obvious that teaching is her calling. You would be very fortunate to get a chance to hear her lectures.

Cynthia Mundy

Fabulous lecturer and gives amazing notes.

She is so sweet and nice. And very helpful. I had her for a few lectures and she is interesting. I never had her for an entire semester so its hard to say how she tests. She is really intersted in getting involved with students and will do anything to help. She is relatively new to teaching at MCG but I think she will make a great one

Talked faster than I could write, but for a younger nurse, she knows her stuff! Very fair & professiona.


Ellen Cain

I really enjoyed having ms cain as a teacher. Very smart and knows her material. Gives homework, quizes and review questions before each test. Would highly recommend her to anyone, but she is getting ready to move to Alabama.

Loved her class. Very easy to understand. Pay attention during class and Quizzes are a breeze. Hands out powerpoints and study materials for tests. Answers any questions you have.

GREAT PROF. The class has an easy flow, slideshows that she hands out, reviews sheets which are practically the test. I ENJOYED HER AND YOU SHOULD TAKE HER! Do not buy the book, I did not use it at all since the tests are the reviews and the quizzes are the powerpoints.

Marsha Loda

I've had Dr. Loda like 3 times and she is great. Expect to give presentations but they get easier the more you do.

Fantastic professor. You're hurting yourself if you dodge her classes. Show up, do the few things she assigns, pay attention to what she says she's putting on the test, and you'll do well. However, don't turn things in late for any reason because, she'll show no love for that one. She expects you to be as professional as she is. Very Fair though.

If you are a communications major or a Marketing major, you would be only hurting yourself by not taking Marasha, doesnt make you read long books, tell you whats on the test all you do is give it back to her i loved marketing before her class but now i know i want to spend my life doing this just because of Dr.Loda...just an awesome person period!!

Jeff Miller

Awesome Prof. Clears the concept in a simple way. University must ask him to take lecs along with the discussion sessions.

He is an OUTSTANDING professor. Very organized, and quirky OCD. Stories are the best. Laid back and very thorough, but so easy to learn from. He writes the book that you use. Review his practice tests and you'll do great.

For my first venture into Accounting I'm so glad I chose Prof Miller. On line HW/quizzes = easy grade. He is sooo sweet! His class is really laid back, be prepared to read outloud. I want to take more classes in Accounting after having him. Buy the book he makes, it's all you'll need to make an A+! Sweetest man ever! If you fail - you're a failure!

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