• Texas Woman's University is a public institution that was founded in 1901.
  • It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 9,679 and the campus size is 270 acres.
  • It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. Texas Woman's University's ranking in the 2016 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, Tier 2.
  • The median first-year earnings of TWU bachelor's degree graduates are the second highest among Texas public universities
  • TWU is among the nation’s leading providers of nurses and other healthcare professionals
  • TWU offers the only Ph.D. in physical therapy in Texas and one of only five in the nation
  • TWU’s occupational therapy program is among the top producers of occupational therapists in the nation

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University Professor Information


Lynda Peebles

Great professor. Her lectures can be long and boring, but if you actually pay attention ask questions the class is a breeze. 4 tests + final, and they are hard but she gives reviews and the homework is helpful. I made an A, so if go to class and put in the effort its not a difficult course. She helpful with making sure you understand the material.

I love her. She is very nice and smile a lot. She's very helpful and knowledgeable. Recommended.

I was so afraid to take chemistry because i struggled with it in highschool, but she give you every opportunity and resource to make it least a B in her class. I love how she records lectures, and has all the lecture notes online. If you are looking for a good teacher in chem take her class!

Bryan Bilyeu

Awesome instructor. I took two chemistry classes prior to his and ended up dropping them because I just couln't get it. Took his class and got an A- not because his class was easy, but because he explained it in a way for his students to understand. The most patient professor I have ever had. He doesn't intimidate his students and makes time

Great Teacher!! Makes you understand it. Homework and lectures are exactly like the quizzes and tests. Go to class and pay attention and you will do well. Explains things and makes it easy to learn and remember. I actually liked chemistry thanks to him. I also took it for summer school which was great!

Great Teacher! Lectures were interesting and well organized and the quizzes were easy if you did your homework. Exams were fair and they covered same stuff as homework.

R Sheardy

Dr. Shready is a great teacher. He explains everything and let's you ask questions. His enthusiasm makes the class worth it. It get me interested to see how passionate he is about the subject

I LOVE HIM. He tells jokes and his class keeps me focused and wanting to know more!!!! DR.SHEARDY RULES!!!

I absolutely love Dr. Sheardy. Take him for P-Chem! He teaches all of his classes himself, doesn't use TAs, and he will do everything in his power to make sure you understand. He holds in-class discussions the old school way, by speaking and a chalkboard, no boring lectures or powerpoints. However you can't slide by in his classes, you must study!

Computer Science

Wayne Zimmermann

Initially I thought that he might be hard, but I discovered quickly that my perception was incorrect! I loved being one of his students, & actually, I chose him as my advisor for the following semester till graduation (~3 years). His guidance & shared knowledge throughout the years played a major roll in my career success as a Computer Scientist.

Very smart!

Barbikay Pohl

I loved this class! I knew alot about computers before taking it and I recommend anyone taking it in the future know alot about computers. She is very fast paced but you walk away with alot of computer knowledge. She is my favorite prof at TWU.

Wonderful, precise, incredibly intelligent woman who truly cares about the success of each student. She knows her stuff, and she'll make sure you know it too. Don't miss class, get help if you need it, and you'll do well.

What I loved most about her is that she took the time to give feedback on each and every assignment turned in. Very patient and very sharp! I look for every opportunity to send people her way!!

David Gardner

Dr. G is the best professor ever. Class is easy if you pay attention and show up.

Dr. Gardner is a great professor. This class is mostly for education majors so the students actually teach the class the material. He's really helpful though and teaching the class is a really good experience. He makes the class interesting and the tests are super easy and you are allowed to google the answers so it's a guaranteed A.

He has current, valid, up to date knowledge of the tech field as a whole. The course teaches how to use all those symbols we ignore in the toolbar of PowerPoint, Word, and Excel! And we built a website from the ground up using the semester's mini projects. He takes you step by step and is great with answering each person's question with care!


Teresa Brown

She is an amazing teacher. You can tell she enjoys what she is doing! I highly recommend taking her! She is tough but if you work hard their is no reason not o receive an A

Very helpful and exciting. I really enjoyed her class. She makes everything clear and if you show up and do the home work the class can be very simple

She is a GREAT teacher. She is so active and very helpful. I really liked her.Good reviews and she loves her students. TAKE HER :-)

Jennifer Da Rosa

I had Da Rosa for Earth Science. She is very organized and very clear on expectations.You are never left wondering, and always know what to expect. She lectures, and gives very good reviews. Study the review, make an A...pretty simple. Her tests are not easy. You are going to have to study if you want to pass. However, shes a fun teacher :)

Had her for Physical science, she is overall a cool professor. labs are easy and some are fun. She tries to make jokes so its funny. exams can be difficult because a lot of material. Best advise print of the exam reviews at the beginning of the semester and follow them along in class as she lectures and study for exam at least few days before exam

I had Da Rosa for Physical Science and she is one of the best professors I have had (I'm a non Sci major). She is fair, and the only reason attendance is mandatory is because of the fun labs!

Dr. Asma Malik

Good teacher. Her Exams are almost entirely based on her reviews, so study that. She really goes over everything in her PowerPoints. She does have a thick accent but overall, you can understand her. I will say this: SIT IN THE FRONT! You will see better, hear better, and be able to concentrate more. She does give extra credit sometimes.

The book is helpful, but she clarifies what you need to know from lectures/powerpoints. She is very helpful. All you do is ask questions during class, after class, or in an email. She works with you to make you understand and she draws helpful figures on the white board to illistrate important points.

Very easy as long as you attend class. Exams are easy. She is crystal clear on what she wants you to know for the exams. Quizzes that she gives you are the extra credit questions on the exams. As long as you review at the end of the week you will receive good grades.

Students Talks About This University


College Freshman Jan 4

Academics are discussed through academic advisors they give you more information in depth they are very helpful when it comes to asking questions.

College Sophomore Jul 20 2014

There may be a lot of work but most professors are flexible and you have many opportunities on campus to have study groups

College Sophomore Jun 17 2014

My school has all types of resources available to the students to ensure that we are making the grades we need to. There are many different forms of programs for almost every subject.

College Junior Jun 12 2014

There is a professional club at school that makes it easy to be involved and find people who can help you on your journey.

College Junior Jun 12 2014

I really loved my undergrad major (Child Development). The teachers loved what they taught and overall gave me a variety of learning experiences for this major (i.e. classroom experiences, presentations, papers, exams, etc). I look forward to my graduate program with the Occupational Therapy Department starting this fall. For, the program is one of the best in the country and the professors are dedicated and qualified in their fields.

College Freshman Jun 5 2014

The program is one of the best in Texas for nursing students, it is known very well. The teachers and students all work together just fine.

College Sophomore May 11 2014

TWU wants you to graduate with skill and knowledge so the curriculum is great.

Campus Quality

College Senior Jan 31 2015

Student life is the best. Many of our facilities are open and can be reached in many outlets and easy to find on campus. The more known centers such as the library and student center give students access and ease to things they need.

College Sophomore Jun 17 2014

The people there are very friendly and the staff are also very helpful as well. You will always have someone there to help you in need because TWU cares about it's students.

College Junior Jun 12 2014

Even though this is a commuter school, there always still seems to be something going on with different student organizations, student games, or study groups.

College Junior Jun 12 2014

I think that TWU has a beautiful campus. I also believe due to the fact that most of the smaller class sizes in the departments, there is more one-on-one that can happen with the students and teachers. Furthermore, many of the professors in my departments (Family Sciences as well as Occupational Therapy) seem to really enjoy their fields and want us to help us succeed as well.

College Freshman Mar 19 2014

They keep their facilities very well maintained

College Senior Dec 28 2013

Campus gym and library are two of the best facilities on campus.


College Freshman Jan 8

This school is a very diverse place. There are many people from different countries, many religions and you will learn to be accepting if not already.

College Freshman Jan 4

Everyone is diverse I feel like I've become more diverse than when I was in high school. I meet more people and I'm exposed to different cultures, food, and ideas. Everyone are the same in different ways and that's how we treat everyone the same way we would like to be treated.

College Sophomore Jun 17 2014

There are so many people at my school of many backgrounds and nationalities.

College Junior Jun 12 2014

The campus is very racially diverse. It has a high number off minorities, and the LGBT community is mostly accepted.

College Sophomore May 13 2014

A lot of international students and students from different backgrounds and beliefs.

College Sophomore Apr 6 2014

There are people that come from different backgrounds and it seems like most people are pretty friendly towards other races.

College Freshman Apr 4 2014

I am a lesbian and no one has ever gave me any problems when i tell them. Everyone is accepting, to me at least. I think diversity is a good thing and to have others communicate with others about what they believe is outstanding to me. I am not one to judge as some are not either. It is a great environment!

Guys & Girls

College Senior Jan 31 2015

The guys and girls at TWU would be about the same as anyone else. Being predominantly an all girl school, the men are usually a ration of 8-1 per class setting. Everyone is usually dressed in the age group and becoming acquaintances is easy on and off campus.

College Sophomore Nov 18 2014

There isn't many guys here but there's a lot of different types of girls.

College Junior Jun 12 2014

Most of the students at my school are females, but there are still about 10% guys. Many of them in undergrad seem to come to class dressed in comfortable clothes (not too dressed up), while there in the graduate programs many students seem to dress more professional. Most of my classmates are friendly and easy to get to know.

College Sophomore May 13 2014

Not that many guys but a lot of girls. Some people are friendly and some are not.

College Freshman Apr 4 2014

Everyone is very friendly, usually just strictly doing what they need to do. Most can be hooked on their phone on social media.

College Sophomore Aug 29 2013

Everyone is really friendly at Texas Women's University. Everyone enjoys making friends and being productive. You always meet someone new everyday.

Texas Woman's University

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Student Clubs/Associations

Asian Students Association (ASA):

Asian Student Association is an organization that was established in the beginning of 2014 at Texas Woman's University. We encourage students from different ethnicity to come join us as we explore different cultures in Asia.

Chinese Student Association

TWU Chinese Student Association provides activities for international students and non-international students. Students from the association cook authentic Chinese cuisine.

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Interesting Tidbits

Tuition is only $14,340, one of the most affordable rates in the country.

Knowledgeable Professors

82% of students surveyed rated the general knowledge of professors as above average.

Low-Stress Course Load

68% of students surveyed rated the manageability of work as above average.

Big Dorms

62% of students surveyed felt that dorms were more spacious than average.

Accepting Campus Community

79% of students surveyed said that the campus community as a whole is very accepting of members of minority groups.

Safe Campus

51% of students surveyed said that they feel extremely safe and secure on campus.

Help Finding a Job or Internship

51% of students surveyed said that the career center is very helpful and provides services to students beyond help landing a job.

Help to Succeed

The school has academic and career counseling available to help you when you need it.

Get AP Credit

If you took AP classes in high school, you might be able to get college credit for them.

Affordable Dorms

You can live on a budget with an average housing cost of only $3,582.

Cheap Living Off Campus

Off-campus housing is only $6,354 on average.

Work Part-Time During School

Employment services are available for students.

Help Getting Hired

Placement services are available to graduates.

Extremely Diverse

One of the most racially diverse campuses-55% of students are minorities.

Percentage No
GPA Required No
State / Region No