• University of South Dakota is a public institution that was founded in 1862.
  • It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 7,541, its setting is rural, and the campus size is 276 acres.
  • It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar.
  • University of South Dakota's ranking in the 2016 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, 180.
  • University of South Dakota is named one of the nation's best universities by "The Princeton Review" for the 16th consecutive year
  • The University of South Dakota is a Best Value College, according to Forbes, which also ranked USD as one of "America's Top Colleges" for 2015
  • The University of South Dakota has been named one of America's best "National Universities," according to rankings released by U.S. News and World Report for 24th straight year
  • The university has small class sizes and student-faculty ratio of 17:1

Hostel Fees

in,US Dollar (USD)
Amount in,Indian Rupees (Rs.)
Monthly $634 Rs. 42,778
Yearly $7,605 Rs. 5,13,338

University Professor Information


Barbara Yutrzenka

This class was super easy and enjoyable. I had to take it as a social science requirement, but honestly did really begin to enjoy the subject matter. This is an easy A. I finished the class with above an A and that was with minimal studying of the study guide the night before the exam. Make sure to do the online part of the class!

Such a great class. I loved attending class. Her lectures are awesome, and she incorporates so much into them. Everything you are tested on, she has covered at some point. Very clear about what she expects and how you can get help. Wonderful teacher who loves what she does.

Such a great class. I loved attending class. Her lectures are awesome, and she incorporates so much into them. Everything you are tested on, she has covered at some point. Very clear about what she expects and how you can get help. Wonderful teacher who loves what she does.

Cindy Struckman Johnson

Cindy is great. She really cares about the class and although her tests are hard, she and the class are both very enjoyable!

Took Psychology of Sexuality from her and loved it! It was fun, raw and informative. If you are easily offended by sexual material or discussions of sex, stay away, but if not this class is great. Also makes sure she relates everything to social issues taking place at that time. She is nice, funny and always willing to help! Go Dr. S-J :)



Jing Fang

I like his teaching; he always make study guide, helping us to understand the class much more easily, often offering us e-mail and study sessions and review sessions.

Bob is a great professor! I have never seen a professor so devoted and willing to work with students. He was a good hire! He is always willing to help and I appreciated that. He is also very kind-hearted.

Always provided chapter summaries and exam reviews to help us get ready for quizzes and exams

Kirsten Rosacker

She makes a dry subject interesting. Kris is always willing to help students.

Always willing to talk to students.

Great prof! Very helpful if you ask questions. Will pick on you if you're absent or sleeping in class. Good sense of humor

Eric Cornelsen

Professor Cornelsen is super obnoxious. She covers the material well but gives out more homework than any other accounting professor I've had.

Good teacher, but a difficult subject. Can sometimes make things harder than they have to be for the intro classes, but will do everything to try to get everyone on board. If you have to take Accounting, take it from her!

Hard subject, good teacher!


Cliff Summers

Cliff is a great biology professor. He knows what he is talking about, and his lecture notes are all online all the time. Tests are weekly, which is nice because you only have to study a small chunk. Attendance isn't taken, but HIGHLY recommended that you show up.

Cliff is great! He really has a passion for what he teaches and he knows how to teach in a way that makes the information interesting and memorable. He is incredibly knowledgeable; he should be teaching at Harvard! I learned so much, mostly because he made it fun!

Friendly, Helpful, Best professor ever. Everything you could expect from an excellent bio professor!

Barbara Goodman

Dr. Goodman is such a nice professor and always willing to help. She always invited us to meet her for coffee (which she always purchased) every Friday at the local coffee shop. She was willing to give advice on class, college life, studying habits, and absolutely anything you asked her.

I had Dr. Goodman for the First year experience class call So You Want to Be A Doctor.It was one of the best classes I've ever had and I plan on taking as many classes with Dr. G as I can. I feel that through this class I've made some very deep lifelong connections and friends.

I had her for Bio 164 and then took her new Adv Human Phys class. It was the best class I have taken at USD as a Bio major.

Students Talks About This University


College Junior Jan 7

Everything has been great. The curriculum includes what will be needed and not any that are not needed. The professors are also great.

College Junior Nov 19 2014

All of the professors that I have had have been very well educated and know what they are talking about. The registration process was easy and hassle free which I enjoyed. Workload is honestly dependent on what the student wants. I took college credits in high school and have been able to take 14 credits each semester which allows time for work. This semester I am working full time along with being a full time student. I think this school has a lot of medical field majors, I feel like there are only a handful of people that are going for something outside of the medical field.

College Sophomore Oct 30 2014

Being a criminal justice major here at USD is actually awesome. The staff are very helpful and do their absolute best to help each and every one of their students. Although the workload can be rough, it is completely worth it. The knowledge learned outweighs the many hours needed to study. There are also a variety of internship opportunities available to the students. As stated before, the criminal justice staff makes all of us known to these.

College Junior Aug 31 2014

This university is nationally accredited for its academics. It offers a wide range to education opportunities and offers great programs that are engaging and have knowledgeable professors.

College Freshman Jun 18 2014

The ability to go to school and do research is huge for me. It is a great resume builder, brings in money, and helps me learn more!

College Senior Mar 31 2014

Academics: I feel like there are great opportunities for academic success here at USD. The professors and the curriculum offered here is designed to help students to succeed. The professors are knowledgeable and helpful and are good at explaining and answering questions for the most part. The curriculum for the more major classes are rigorous and teach you the material you need to know for your future. Some material and courses are irrelevant to your career path but allow you to get a more well-rounded liberal arts education.

Campus Quality:

College Freshman Dec 17 2014

The campus is really pretty and easy to get around. it is an old campus but they make sure that everything is up to date.

College Freshman Jun 18 2014

Awesome opportunities to get help and the sports training facilities are top tier.

College Freshman Dec 21 2013

While I do not attend the football games, the university often offers free tickets to home football games to the students, and has three levels in the library for studying. There are even study rooms that students can access in order to get their work done. Campus events such as D-Days and movie nights in the MUC are very enjoyable. I love the activities they have, and the places available for students to relax.

College Sophomore Dec 12 2013

We have a wonderful wellness center that offers free workout classes. The library has different levels of loudness aloud on the floors and they have study rooms for groups. We also now have a coyote statue on campus which is pretty cool!

College Freshman Sep 28 2013

Many of the buildings on campus are older, but they are also well maintained. The athletic/wellness center is a new building, and it has very nice facilities. There are a few places for students to go such as the library for homework purposes, but there are also areas to play recreational games as well.

College Sophomore Feb 13 2013

The University of South Dakota campus is the perfect size! It is easy to find your way around and you always see familiar faces. The staff all seem to be very pleasant and inviting and for the most part the food and living situations are excellent!

College Senior Sep 27 2012

We have beautiful old buildings on campus that have been updated over the years. We also have many new modern buildings on campus that give me the best of both worlds. We recently sodded most of campus and added a new irrigation system that keeps campus nice and green.


College Junior Feb 11 2015

The Voices of Discovery Group has helped me to better understand some of the diverse groups on campus.

College Freshman Mar 31 2014

Most people on campus are very friendly.

College Senior Mar 31 2014

With my experience on campus, i feel like I have come in contact with a lot of diversity but I feel like other colleges have more so I did not rate it as outstanding. I have come into contact with individuals from various countries, races, ethnicities, financial backgrounds, religions, and sexual orientations. For the most part, I feel like students here accept diversity and do not discriminate or judge someone because they are different. They instead try and learn from them and look for opportunities to gain different experiences and opinions that may help them somewhere down the road. They also may make friends in the process. This has been my experience.

College Freshman Jul 17 2013

Although we are in a conservative state i know that people are extremely supportive of others.

College Senior Aug 11 2012

Predominantly White Rural – USD is composed of predominantly white students from rural backgrounds. The professors at USD are very concerned about diversity on campus and about educating students on the diverse populations of South Dakota and the world. They encourage students to think about being socially just in their fields.

College Freshman Apr 15 2012

There is a fairly good variety of people from different backgrounds. While the majority of students are white, there are few signs of discrimination or racial tension. One of the things I enjoy most about my school is the people and how accepting most are.

Guys & Girls:

College Junior Aug 31 2014

It appears to be easy to find someone with whom you can relate with. Most students are friendly and open to meeting new people.

College Sophomore Nov 15 2013

USD is a very social school. The guys are pretty average I guess. The girls are typical college girls; which includes leggings/yoga pants, uggs, and scarves.

College Senior May 15 2013

There are lots of girls, and everyone is quite nice! Gotta love the Midwest!

College Senior Aug 19 2012

There are plenty of girls on campus for whatever you are looking for.. either a long term or a short term type of thing, depending on where you look. the school boasts a 3:1 guy to girl ratio and many of them are very attractive

College Sophomore Dec 3 2012

There is a little bit of everything! A box for every lid!

College Junior Jan 29 2012

Everyone Fits – USD has a wide variety of students. There are the hipsters, punks, athletes, geeks, Christians, atheists, Greeks, rappers, rockers. EVERYONE has a place here. Plus, people have the Midwest niceness to them. It is a friendly and open place that you will fit right in.

University of South Dakota

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Student Clubs/Associations

Over one hundred student organizations provide opportunities for you to get involved and make a difference at The U. Our Student Organization Listing is the best way to find organizations that interest you. Organizations can be searched for by name or by category. The details link provides more information about each organization, including membership requirements and helpful contacts.
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Interesting Tidbits

Tuition is only $9,650, one of the most affordable rates in the country.

Easy Financial Aid Process

59% of students surveyed told us that the financial aid process went smoothly and they received the financial aid they needed.


87% of students surveyed rated the general knowledge of professors as above average.

Low-Stress Course Load

86% of students surveyed rated the manageability of work as above average.


60% of students surveyed felt that dorms were more spacious than average.

Easy to Get By on a Student's Bud

52% of students surveyed felt that the amount it costs to live while at school was better than average.

Help Finding a Job or Internship

50% of students surveyed said that the career center is very helpful and provides services to students beyond help landing a job.

Help to Succeed

The school has academic and career counseling available to help you when you need it.

Get AP Credit

If you took AP classes in high school, you might be able to get college credit for them.

Affordable Dorms

You can live on a budget with an average housing cost of only $3,433.

Cheap Living Off Campus

Off-campus housing is only $7,075 on average.

Work Part-Time During School

Employment services are available for students.

Help Getting Hired

Placement services are available to graduates.

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GPA Required No
State / Region No