If you are a student of the CIU – Caucasus International University, you will be studying in Tbilisi. Tbilisi sits in a river valley, surrounded by hills and mountains. There are so many beautiful views of the city, each time you see a new one you think it might just be better than the last. Whether you explore the city by walking or taking the cable car or funicular up, you will be rewarded with a panoramic perspective that provides a fantastic way to orientate yourself in this beautiful city in Georgia, Eastern Europe. Here is a beautiful video of the city and its landscapes with its rich architecture, history and unsurpassable beauty. [Video Courtesy: Robbie]

Study MBBS, BDS, B.Pharm, B.Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, B.B.A & MBA (Int’l marketing) in Georgia, Europe.

Most of the educational institutions offer three levels of study: a Bachelor's Program (three to four years); a Master's Program (two years), and a Doctoral Program (three years). There is also a Certified Specialist's Program that represents a single-level higher education program lasting from three to six years. As of 2016, 75 higher education institutions were accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. Tbilisi has become the main artery of the Georgian educational system, particularly since the creation of the First Georgian Republic in 1918 permitted the establishment of modern, Georgian-language educational institutions.

Caucasus University is a privately held university in Georgia, Caucasus. The university was established in 2004 on the foundation of Caucasus School of Business, which was established in 1998 in partnership with Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA, during the country's transitional period.This was when Georgia was making the first attempts to move from a planned to free market economy. Caucasus University has evolved and is now one of the most prominent higher education institutions in Georgia and the South Caucasus region.

Check out what some international students from India, Saudi Arabia, Europe and other parts of the world had to say about studying in Caucasus International University (CIU).

Highlights of studying MBBS in CIU, Georgia:

  1. Peaceful and welcoming environment for international students.
  2. High quality Education at affordable price.
  3. Globally recognized Education system.
  4. Easy visa process and 100% visa approval rate (only 3 weeks)with Kenilworth Global Consulting
  5. CAUCASUS INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY is ranked amongst the best universities in the world for education.

Life in Georgia – Some Fun Facts:

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Also, the Georgian Journal has listed some free things to do while visting or living in Georgia! Hey, who doesn’t like free!

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Also, if you fancy a helicopter and skiing ride with your friends or family, these cool chaps in Kazbegi can take care of you.

Also, check out what the glamorous Louiela Ann Analista, a Pinoy expat in Abu Dhabi, a Nurse by profession and a nomad by heart says about Georgia through her pictures and experiences.

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Georgia is such a welcoming and safe country. Check out the experiences of this lucky guy who had such a heartwarming welcome and hospitality in Georgia!

Want to see the beauty of Winter in Georgia? People love this country, the tunes and all its depths and heights. What better place to be than in Georgia for a warm welcome on a cold day.

May be you are a traveler, student, vagabond, monk or an adventurer or may be a combination of everything; Georgia has something sweet to offer you in your journey. This is Life!

Admissions through Kenilworth Global Consulting

  1. Hassle free admission process at Caucasus International University.
  2. Assistance for visa ( 100% visa approval)
  3. I.E.L.T.S. not required.
  4. Assistance for Education loan
  5. Can accept even students with 55% in P.C.B at HSC.
  6. Affordable processing charges.Personalized support and guidance at each and every stage.

MBBS in GEORGIA – Total Tuition Fees for 6 years $34,000

Why study MBBS in Georgia?

  1. Georgia is centrally located safe country and easily accessible by land and air.
  2. Cost of living is low as compared to other countries.
  3. Favorable climatic conditions for Asian students.
  4. Affordable fees structure and equipped with latest techniques and technology making learning more easy and effective.
  5. MBBS in Georgia is on par with that taught in USA.
  6. Affordable processing charges.Employment opportunities for doctors are globally available after graduation from their medical studies.


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